Club Care - How to get more for your trade-ins.

Club Care - How to get more for your trade-ins.


We handle thousands of clubs each year and unfortunately we see so many that with a little more TLC would have fetched the owner a lot more when traded-in. The following guide takes you through some helpful tips to keep your clubs in top condition and ultimately retain more of their value come trade-in time.

1. Headcovers - The amount of clubs (woods and hybrids especially) that come through our warehouse that have small paint chips from being carless and not having a headcover is unfortunate. Any club with paint chipping or nicking (no matter how small) automatically receives a lower rating (6) and a much lower trade-in value. So remember, to retain the maximum value -  keep your headcovers on as much as possible and be careful when taking your clubs in-and-out of your car, as this is when woods and irons tend to knocked around the most.

2. Keeping your clubs clean and dry - A lot of people have no idea that you should dry each and every club after a round, especially steel shafted clubs and a MUST if you’ve been playing in the wet! Make sure that steel shafts are taken out of your bag, wiped completely dry and left overnight. You can put them back into your golf bag the following day when they have completely dried and are totally free from moisture. Doing this, not only drastically increases the life span of your clubs, it prevents rust build up and ultimately “pitting” (a severe form of rust) from forming on steel shafts. GolfPitStop does not accept any club with the slightest signs of rusting or pitting so beware! While you’re at it you might as well give the faces and cavities a good clean, making sure you clean in between the grooves as well (only takes a second…)

3. Using tape - Apply protective tape to the sole and crown of the club to avoid unnecessary scratching and chipping (especially at the driving range) will save the finish on your clubs, avoid and prevent sky or pop-up marks on woods and increase your trade-in value when it comes time to upgrade.

4. Always hit clean golf balls - A quick wipe with your towel to make sure that your ball is free from sand, dirt or anything else that could permanently mark or chip the faces of your clubs will greatly increase their value. Face condition severely impacts on your club’s trade-in value so make sure you keep an eye out for anything lurking on your ball before you hit it.

5. Check for loose impediments - Check for stones, sticks, nuts or any other loose impediments on the ground and especially in bunkers before hitting. Make sure you avoid hitting down on these hard items as the result is nicking and chipping to the soles of your irons (forged irons especially).

6. Have patience and awareness - Keeping a look out for low hanging tree branches, signs, post markers etc...  Remember to keep your cool. No one likes an outburst on course, keeping your cool and not snapping your 7IR or Putter will be worth it when it comes time to trade-up. Think before you act, keep your cool and keep your money in your pocket.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this short guide on retaining the value of your clubs. Should you have any questions you can contact us via email by Clicking Here or alternatively, you can contact our customer service team on (03) 98997133.


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Would highly recommend GolfPitStop for anyone in the market for a second hand club. Quality and description was top notch and the customer service was A1. Extremely helpful and accommodating. Delivery was was prompt and secure.

-C Olsen 8/9/17 (VIC)

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