Pricing & Valuations

Pricing & Valuations


To continue to bring our customers outstanding value, convenience and customer service we have developed are own advanced software to help us manage our stock supply efficiently.  Our state of the art software monitors buy and sell prices across 1000’s of the top model, premium brand golf equipment and allows us to determaine the precise demand for a particular brand and model. Better yet, our software takes into account such things as shaft material, flex, loft and the condition of the club/s. All these specifications effect a club's desirability and value.
We account for the 3 major parts that make up a golf club, the head, the shaft and grip. We then input and analyse this information to calculate a club's appeal and overall value in the market place.


In simple terms, if demand is high for a particular model we pay a lot for it - on the other hand, if it’s an old left-handed, 7 degree, X stiff driver, we won’t be offering so much.


tilizing our softwares capibilites we can monitor the precise demand for the latest must have drivers like the Taylormade R9 series to classic iron set such as the Callaway X-12 series.

Our buy and sell prices are constantly adjusted to keep up with market trends and demands, for example: if market demand is high for a particular model, then we pay more for it (as we know that item won’t be in stock for long). On the other hand - if it’s an old left handed driver that is more than likely to be with us for some considerable time, we won’t be offering so much for it.

By efficiently monitoring our stock we’re able to offer our customers a service that brings value, convenience and peace of mind that can’t be matched by auction style websites that let members of the public buy and sell amongst themselves.

If you have any questions regarding our pricing or valuations please feel free to contact us via email by clicking here

 or alternatively phone our friendly customer service team on (03) 9899 7133.

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very happy with the service and back up customer support. I found the website easy to use and was extremely happy with my purchase and the delivery. I will definitely use GPS again.

-K Troy 15/9/17 (VIC)

Would highly recommend GolfPitStop for anyone in the market for a second hand club. Quality and description was top notch and the customer service was A1. Extremely helpful and accommodating. Delivery was was prompt and secure.

-C Olsen 8/9/17 (VIC)

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