GolfPitStop Rating Guide

GolfPitStop Rating Guide


Here’s how we rate our clubs: 

Head Ratings

Never been hit.

9 – Excellent
Could almost pass as “New”. The club is shop soiled ONLY and has NEVER hit a ball.

8 – Very Good
The club is in excellent condition and has only had minimal use (Driving range use only or used for 2-3 rounds of golf max). If there are any marks on the head they will be very faint.

7 – Good
Clubs will show signs of use but have been well looked after. Irons will be free from stone chips, nicks or gauges. Woods will have NO sky marks or paint chips. The face will be in good condition with no excessive wear marks around the sweet spot.

6 – Fair
Clubs may show cosmetic imperfections associated with normal wear and tear. Irons may have small stone chips on the sole. Woods may have sky marks or small paint chips.
*Rest assure, nothing that would EVER affect the playability or performance of the club.

5 – Poor
GolfPitStop will NOT accept clubs in the following conditions, clubs with the following blemishes will not pass inspection:

- Large chips
- Extreme / excessive wear to the face (especially on forged clubs)
- Irons with non matching shafts
- Clubs missing ferrules
- Incomplete sets EG: missing a 6 iron
- Missing or loose brand badges
- Dents or depressions
- Discoloration
- Re-sprayed or re-finished clubs
- Head rattles
- Cracks or splits
- Obvious signs of abuse or neglect

Shaft Ratings

NEVER been used.

9 – Excellent
Could almost pass as “New”. Shop soiled ONLY, the club has NEVER hit a ball.

8 – Very Good
Club has only had driving range use or played a couple of holes. If there are any marks on the shaft they will be very light.

7 – Good
Graphite shafts may have a few light scratches, with no wear on the paint work. On steel shafts, one or two of the decals / stickers may have begun to fray slightly. The shafts themselves will be in good order with just a minor scratch here and there.

6 - Fair
In perfectly useable order but cosmetically not quite deserving of a 'good' rating. Graphite shafts may have one or two wear marks where the shaft has rubbed against the bag causing the paint work to rub off, NOTHING that has gone into the graphite layers. Steel shafts will have some scratching. Some of the stickers will probably be fraying or missing. There will be NOTHING that will affect playability.

5 - Poor 
GolfPitStop will NOT accept clubs in this condition. Shafts with the following blemishes are NOT accepted by GPS:

- Non matching shafts
- Rusting or pitting in steel shafts
- Rattles in shafts
- Poor re-shafts
- Missing or incomplete ferrules
- A wear area greater than 1” on graphite shafts
- Splits or cracks 

Grip Ratings

NEVER been used.
9 – Excellent
Could almost pass as “New”. Shop soiled ONLY, the club has NEVER hit a ball.

8 – Very Good
Club has only had driving range use or played a couple of holes.

7 – Good
Grips will be in good condition. If there are any wear marks they’ll be very faint.

6 – Fair
Grips will be in perfect useable order but are likely to show wear marks.
As always you can rest assured, we'll NEVER send out grips that are unplayable (it wouldn’t even make it through the first stage of our inspection process!) NO grip will have splitting, cracking, disintegrating or showing wear beyond acceptable levels. Grips in this condition will be replaced with a Lamkin Cross line grip free of charge!

As with club heads and shafts - if the grips are in poor condition this will be reflected in the price. If you have any questions regarding our rating guides please feel free to contact us via email by clicking here or alternatively phone one of our friendly customer service team on (03) 9899 7133

12 Month Warranty
7 Day Trial Period
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very happy with the service and back up customer support. I found the website easy to use and was extremely happy with my purchase and the delivery. I will definitely use GPS again.

-K Troy 15/9/17 (VIC)

Would highly recommend GolfPitStop for anyone in the market for a second hand club. Quality and description was top notch and the customer service was A1. Extremely helpful and accommodating. Delivery was was prompt and secure.

-C Olsen 8/9/17 (VIC)

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